After admitting to a number of sexual misconduct accusations,
disgraced comedian Louis C.K.‘s career is in tatters.

His life takes a sudden turn when he is contacted by a top
Hollywood director who presents him with an ingenious solution
to his problem.

Louis must accept a life threatening time travel mission that
if he completes successfully will change the course of history
and catapult him to hero status.....or so he reckons.

If he fails, he risks remaining a show business pariah
and also risks not preventing the horrific atrocities caused by
the most evil villain of the 20th century.

Will Louis C.K. accept the mission and return victorious to
redeem himself or will he fuck it up like an idiot?

The Ballad of a Comedian is a fast-paced adventure short story in verse.

A hilariously dark and twisted trip through time and space
created by one of the most sick and deranged comic minds
in contemporary literature.