Diary entry #87

Oh no.
The keyboard player is cranking tunes
What the fuck is he listening to?
I think it’s Moby………

Dick head.

I had great expectations
of having a quiet night in on the tour bus
watching my David Copperfield illusions DVD
But the idiot has to annoy me
and I have to suppress my desire to enact the law of the jungle.

‘em Danno. LOL!

I suppose this is just the way we live now;
Men without women.
on the road
pretending to be brave.

New World Order conspiracy theories
play silently on the TV monitor.
Apparently lizards
are in positions of power
all around the world.

In eighty days
the tour will be through and I’ll be home
but right now all I want is a lolita.
Out here you dream of women
But they only want you when you don't need ‘em
and when you do need ‘em,
they don't wanna know ya.
They act like you’re invisible.
, now that’s what you call a Catch-22.

No Air-con.
Thermometer reads ninety degrees Fahrenheit.
ants attack a half-eaten, melted snickers
I counted them ‘cos I’m the prince of OCD.
Good onya ants.
Eat as much as you like,
doesn’t bother me.

Gazing out the window
I see the wind in the willows whipping the vines
in a way that’s vicious enough to kill.

A mocking bird
is lashed in the face.
By the looks of that gash
he’s gonna need a Phantom of the opera mask.

The drummer stunk up the bus.
Smells like whatever he excreted
had been inside him since 1984.
Stinks worse than a dumpster at a slaughterhouse.
times worse. Good Lord!

Of the flies
buzzing around the toilet door
the fat one is my favourite.
I’ve named him ‘The Big’.

is what I need
but my bunk is covered
with the droppings of mice
and men
are playing poker down there.
I don't wanna listen to that shit at the second.

is something I won't be having tonight.
But that don't matter
‘cos alcohol is better than sex.
Just wish I had somethin’ to mix with the rum.

entry #87