There once was a comic named Bill
Who was a master of the skill
Of giving girls wine
Which they thought was fine
When really it was spiked with a pill

Then after the girl had passed out
Bill would get naked and shout
“When da ladies not looking
You put-da Jell-o pop in da pudding!”
Whilst waving his cock all about

Then he’d jump on his female prey
And have his disgusting way
Up inside them he’d creep
While they were fast asleep
And as he’d nut he’d cry “Hey! Hey! Hey!”

For years he thought he’d got away with it
For no one would believe he’d commit
Something as intense
As a sexual offence
It would just sound like a load of bull shit

But when his victims went to the press
The truth could not be suppressed
And as the judges gavel fell
Ol’ Bill was sent to hell
Where they make him wear lipstick and a dress