Remember that time at the train station
When you were busting for a wee?
And how it took all your concentration
Not to let loose all that pee?

Do you recall how your bladder
Felt like it was gonna burst
You'd never needed a leak badder
Oh, it was the worst

Then there in the distant distance
You saw the ‘ladies toilet’ sign
So holding the crotch of your pants
You ran to the back of the line

But the line took so fuckin’ long
It moved at a snail's pace
So you distracted yourself by humming a song
As the sweat beaded up on your face

Not wanting to break the golden seal
And succumb to nature’s call
You stood fast through the painful ordeal
'Til you finally made it to a stall

Only to find that some bloody troll
Had sprayed all over the seat
And also left in the toilet bowl
A putrid little treat

Remember how you reached your hand inside
The roll holder on the door
But only got a piece that was one inch wide
And there wasn’t any more

So you squat down with it and tried to soak
Up the urine from the seat
When through the glory hole a dick did poke
And you have a thing for mystery man meat

So you gripped your mouth around that cock
Giving it your best oral maneuver
Another woman outside gave the door a knock
But you were sucking like a turbo hoover

Then glob, glob, glob he came in ya gob
And chirped “Thanks for the service miss!”

But you were so busy with the blowjob
You didn't realise you’d satched your pants with piss