There once was a girl named D’arcy
Who took her fetish so far she
Would let all the boys watch
As she soaked her own crotch
In a flagrant act of Omorashi

She trekked from Toulouse to Turin
With her own brand of euro tourin’
And wherever she’d go
The townsfolk would cry “HO!
Here comes the Queen of Urine!”

She'd stand in the village square
And call to all the people there
"Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
Come watch me wee!"
Then she'd wet her own underwear

And Oh, how the people did cheer
In a way that was true and sincere
N' 'cos they wanted the display
To last all day
They kept giving her free pints of beer

When a policeman heard about this
He said “Excuse me little miss
But you're not allowed
To entertain a crowd
By letting them watch you piss”

She said “Oh really is that so
No one tells me ‘No’
You think I’m beneath ya
'Cos I use my urethra
To put on a sparkling show?!”

She said “This is a load of scheißen
Now brace yourself for a surprise son”
Then she released from her cunt
A massive torrent
That blew the cop to the horizon

She yelled "Now you can stay over there for an hour!
And have a think about that golden shower!
The name's fuckin' D'arcy
And you can kiss my arsey
If reckon you can make me cower!"

"I don't care if you deem it obscene
Getting perved on while I piss is my scene!"
Then she did a little dance
In her soggy underpants
Yelling "I'm the greatest leak freak the world's seen!"