Debbie and The Doctor

Debbie had men on the brain.
She hadn’t been laid in a year.
So she went to a clinical therapist
Which is a very respectable career.

His name was Doctor Mickley
and he’d written many-a-book.
She accidentally called him Doctor ‘Lick me’.
He gave her a knowing look.

She said “I just don't know what to do.”
As she held a palm to her face.
It’s been so busy at work, I’ve had no time for sex.
I’m stuck between a cock and a hard place.”

“Don’t you mean a rock and a hard place?”
The doctor said with a smirk.
“Yes, that’s what I said.” Moaned Debbie.
“They've got me under the hump at work.”

“I believe the phrase is under the pump.
“Yes, under the pump, why? what did I say?”
“Oh, ah nothing.” Said the doctor,
Thinking “This is my lucky day.”

“I’ve been feeling a frustration,” Said Debbie,
“pushing me down with a rough caress.
Maybe I just need some time away
to take off this unwanted dress.”

“Which dress?” Asked the doctor.
Debbie said “What do you mean dress?
I said stress doctor Lick me please,
Will you help me in my time of distress.”

She said “Lately I’ve been worried about politics,
do you think there might be a connection?
I’ve been obsessed with who I’m gonna vote for
in this upcoming erection.”

“I see.” Said the doctor slyly,
rubbing the crotch of his pants.
“Sometimes it’s good to work these things out
via interpretive dance.”

“Now remove those high heels Debbie,
this will really help you self express.”
As she bent over he pulled out his phone
and took a sneaky snap up her dress.

“Now close your eyes, that’s right
and be sure to keep them shut.”
He said while perving at the photo
of her round, underwear-less butt.

“That’s right, now with your eyes closed
I want you to imagine you're a tree.
Tell me now, what sort of tree are you?”
“A monogamy hard wood.” Said Debbie

“Don't you mean mahogany?” Asked the doctor,
slime building up on his tip.
“Yes, a hardwood mahogany.” She said
with a hand on the curve of her hip.

“Good, now dance in a way to interpret it,
feel the wind through your leaves, be free.”
I feel the wind pushing me over.” She said
I feel it savagely up-rooting me.”

Debbie waved her arms above her head.
She swayed. She twerked. She wiggled.
She fell down softly to the white fluffy rug.
He licked his lips as her pert jugs jiggled.

“Tell me about your dreams.”
Said the Doctor, (naked from the waist down)
“Well sometimes when I’m sleeping,
I dream of an obese, musical clown.”

“Over and over he plays on the piano
that eighties pop song ‘Venus’.
Then his whole body turns to stone.
He is a big, fat, rock-hard penis.

“You mean pianist.” Said the doctor
“Yes, that’s what I said.” She replied
“Of course, that’s what I heard too.”
He stroked his stiffy as he lied.

She spun around opening her starving eyes,
“Take me now doctor!” She screamed.
He got such a shock from her shouting like that
that he almost fuckin’ creamed.

He got out from behind his desk
and quickly locked the door to his room.
Then he bent Debbie over a swivel chair
and raw dogged her yearning poon.

He fucked her east, he fucked her west,
He fucked her north and south.
He didn't ask if she had any STD’s
He wasn’t one to look a gift whore in the mouth.

And as all this hot business went on
Freud watched down with pride from heaven.
Wanking away on his angel cock
Giving those crazy kids his blessin’.