Remember those two young girls who were conjoined twins?
Well they are all grown up now and that's where this tale begins

Their names are Gabby and Tiffany and they've matured into fine young women
Who enjoy shopping and reading and watching TV, hanging out with friends and swimmin’

Now as you’ll recall they have one body though they each have their own head
So of course they sleep together and don't have their own separate bed

This factor was never was a problem when they were little kids
But now that they are older their relationship has hit the skids

Because Gabby grew into a prude who is not interested in men
But Tiffany can’t stop wishing about getting fucked by them

She imagines how good it would feel to get slammed in the butt
Though Gabby thinks that doing this would make them both a slut

Tiffany tried to convince her sister to meet a guy and do it
But Gabby said there’s just no way that she would say ‘yes’ to it

So Tiff decided that she needed to come up with a clever plan
To somehow knock out Gabby so she could have anal with a man

She thought and thought and thought until she knew what to do
Then she walked them to their fathers shed where she picked up a 4 by 2

“What are you doing with that piece of wood in your hand?” Gabby said
“This is what's best for both of us” Said Tiff, cracking her in the head

But she didn’t hit her twin hard enough to put out her light
And Gabby wasn't going down without putting up a fight

She picked up the whipper-snipper that their dad used to cut the grass
Turned it on and proceeded to whip her sisters side of their arse

“Faaarkk offf!” Yelled Tiffany, as her cheek received the lashing
Then they fell over into some shelves sending a bunch of paint cans crashing

They wrestled on the shed floor, grappling in the wet paint
Until Tiffany made Gabby faint by punching her in the taint

Then Tiff rolled them back into the house and crawled up into bed
Called up a local guy named Brett and this is what she said;

“Hey Brett, you don't know me but my sis and I like your pic
So do you come around for a threesome and give us some of that dick?”

Brett replied “A threesome? Text me the address of your home!”
And like a flash he was there before she could hang up the phone

When he saw poor unconscious Gabby he said “Oh my god, no way”
“If you don't hop in and fuck us” Said Tiff “I’ll tell the whole town you’re gay”

Now Brett didn't have a problem with the community of gay men
But he feared if he was thought to be a member, he may never get pussy again.

So he gulped hard, took of his jeans and threw them over his head
Spat on his palms, rubbed ‘em together and cartwheeled into the bed

Tiffany quickly flipped around into the doggy style position
Then Brett made his cock disappear in the girls butt like an anal magician

As he pounded away on their tight hole, Tiffany let out joyful cries
Then all of a sudden prudish Gabby opened her confused eyes

“What the fuck is going on!” She screamed at the top of her voice
“I thought I said no sex, I thought I said no boys!”

“How could you do this Tiffany? Don’t you know that this will shame us?
“Pleased to meet you Gabby” Said Brett “I must say you have a very nice anus”

“Who the fuck are you?” Screamed Gabby “Oh I’m sorry, my names Brett,
I'm the big stud around here who drives that blue Corvette”

Gabby shrieked “Fuck you Brett! Don't you know that I hate men!”
That’s when Tiffany picked up the table lamp and knocked her sister out again.

“Don't worry ‘bout her Brett, she is spoken for
Now fuck our arsehole harder and treat us like your little whore”

“Bang us into the next dimension, fill our chocolate éclair with cream
And when my bitch sister wakes up later. I’ll tell her 'twas all just a siamese dream.