Dorothy and Donna

There once was a young lady called Dorothy
She was the biggest slut in the sorority
She’d often let a man
Pop his peen in her can
And straight after she'd suck him off orally

Her favourite room mate was Donna
Who'd do whatever she’d wanna
Once she gave the boys a show
With her juicy camel toe
Then let ‘em gang-bang her in the sauna

When Dorothy found out about this
She let out a horrid, foul hiss
As the envy rushed to her head
She stood up on Donna’s bed
And showered her mattress with piss

When Donna got back later that night
She saw her bed was a wet, yellow sight
She screamed “You jealous whore!”
Then kicked in Dorothies door
And the two girls had themselves a cat fight

Donna screamed and pulled Dorothy's hair
So Dorothy picked up a black folding chair
Lifted it over her head
And yelled “Bitch you are dead!
Welcome to your worst nightmare!"

But before Dorothy could do anything with it
Donna jumped up and bit her on the tit
Then somehow the two hos
Ripped off each other clothes
And that's when the fan got hit by the shit

They were rolling around in a naked way
It was a rude, savage, nasty display
Donna got punched in the bush
Dorothy got munched on the tush
Then in walked the janitor named Ray

Who instantly cracked a massive bone
Then pulled out his silver smart phone
As he started live streaming
He could feel his cock creaming
'Til his whole load had totally blown

Now Ray was no ignoramus
He knew this vid would make him famous
And when it started going viral
In a sexy upwards spiral
The excitement made him clench his brown anus