Girls of the World

I’m forever travellin’ ‘round the world
I’m a dinkum Aussie rover
And no matter where on earth I am
I always get a leg over

I gallivant across the globe;
Laying girls from every nation state
And they're all special in their own way
Please allow me to elaborate

German Girls are feisty
and like to take control
They’ll get on top in bed
and cowgirl your steel pole

They can be very efficient
some might say obsessed
And they love to suck your bratwurst
during Oktoberfest

French girls are chic
and filled with horny passion
they will munch on your baguette
in the most elegant fashion

They'll show you the eiffel tower
and then show you their tits
Just try not to chunder
when you see their hairy pits

English girls are as dirty
as a chunk of old black coal
When Big Ben rings his bell
They’ll gobble your sausage roll

Then make you a cup of tea
brewed from the finest leaf
And Union Jack you off onto
their horrid, crooked teef

Mexican girls will dance for you
wearing next to nada
Then get down on their knees
to nibble your enchilada

They'll turn 'round bending over
and let you pump their spicy rear
Just don't drink the water down there
Lest you will get diarrhea

American girls love freedom
and are oh-so patriotic
With your hotdog in their buns
things will get steamy and erotic

They'll raise your Star Spangled Boner
And then grind and suck and hump
That's after they've painted your face orange
and made you role-play Donald Trump

Canadian girls are so friendly
They're the nicest ones you’ll meet
But boy do they enjoy
sitting on your juicy meat

They'll pour maple syrup over you
and soon as you're about to cream
They’ll turn around, spread their cheeks
and make you eat out their Poutine

Japanese girls love to Sake
on your Salmon Sushi
Then lift up their sailor skirt
and let you Mount their Fuji

When you go ninja on her ass
I tell ya, it’ll thrill ‘er
As she feels the orgas-tsunami
caused by your Huge Godzilla

Chinese girls are saucy
talkin' bout that sweet n’ sour
With them between the silk sheets
you’ll feel like a world superpower

Chowing down on your Dim-Sim
is an act they cant resist
Just don't let the brainwash you
into being a communist

Russian girls mean business
they don't talk no jive
They drink vodka like water
they need it to survive

They will Soviet your Union
until you say “Woo Hoo!”
Just make sure to split before
they try to marry you

Italian girls will lay right down
on a giant pizza
And cry out “Mamma Mia!”
As you give 'em your Tower of Pisa

They like it when you dress up
like you're in the Roman Army
And let them suckle on the end
of your hot salami

Indian girls like to take it slow
so I'd advise you not to hurry
Just wait to dip your poppadom
into their saffron curry

They'll hypnotize you with their dot
that's how they will seduce ya
before they take ya out the back of the temple
for a bit of Kama Sutra

Arab girls really know
how to make you chase
By acting all mysterious
and covering their face

Take 'em on a magic carpet
and feed their Camel Toe a finger
The best bit is you can leave the veil on
If she turns out to be a minger

So there you have it lads
A bit of worldly insight
Now with all this proven knowledge
You’ll be sure to do alright

So travel the world and ball them birds
Do it now! Don't hesitate
Or you could always keep living in your Mum’s basement
and eat Doritos while you Masturbate!