Outta my way losers! I’m better than all of yous’s
You know damn well that I am the Best
There's no one better looking so just stop all your sooking
Comparing yourself to me will just make you depressed

Not only am I hot but I have also got
A genius mind that's off the IQ chart
When Einstein hits a wall he gives me a phone call
To solve his problems 'cos I'm so very smart

I’m the toughest guy around no one stronger to be found
I once won tug-of-war against a bison
If you think you want to dance buddy, you don’t stand a chance
I’m like a cross between Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson

I am living large, just take a look in my garage
You'll see my fleet of sports cars and my two new boats
I’ve got so much goddamn money that when I go to the dunny
I wipe my arse with hundred dollar notes

No man's dick is bigger (as in longer and or thicker)
It's the only organ that can be seen from the moon
Mine makes the cock of Reggie look like a small steamed veggie
Or a caterpillar wrapped in a tiny grey cocoon

All the ladies say that they pray for the day
That I'll invite them to sleep in my bed
For it is well known that I’m an expert with my bone
Those aren't my words, That's just what they all said

There’s no one in history that is better than me
The truth’s the truth, no matter how it's sliced
So It doesn't confuse me when famous people accuse me
Of being the second coming of Jesus Christ!