I'm a Selfish Lover

I’m a selfish lover
and I don't care about you
This is about me
You hear that? ME! Thats who

Your job is to satisfy
my every sexual need
Your place is to follow
For I am born to lead

And I shall be treated
like a Middle Eastern Raj
So what I’ll get you to do
Is give me a massage

I’ll lay here relaxing
while you work my back
C’mon use some elbow grease
Stop being so slack

After three whole minutes
of rubbing my nude skin
I bet you're hot and horny
and ready to begin

That's all the foreplay
that you're gonna get
after that massage
you should by now be wet

I’m now checking your snatch
but it still seems to be dry
Time to get out the lube
I’m not an oral kind of guy

I'm gonna lay here
Now you get on top
And pump up and down
Until you make me POP!

C’mon don't be lazy
Do it better, do it faster
Moan for me louder
That’s how you please your master

Oh you’re hopeless
That's not how it's done
I’m gonna watch porn now
Because you can't make me cum

Just you keep riding me
while I watch this slutty teen
masturbating for me
on my mobile phone screen

This e-chick beats you
she so hot and so young
Oh yeah oooooooooo
I’m about to cum

Now quick get on your knees
and open up for me
As I jerk off in your mouth
Thats how its gonna be

Oh shit , that's the end
Of this video
Well, while I search for another
keep up the fellatio

I’m looking for another vid
on pornhub that I likes
Just you keep on sucking
Ah here we are “Horny dykes”

Now don't neglect the balls
while I watch my leso show
Oh yeah baby
Look at these chicks go

Yeah! This makes me feel
Just like I'm in a threesome
This is how I do it
This is how I get me some

Oh here we go Ooooooooo
Time to get it on your face
Yeah look at me I'M CUMMMING!
shooting white jizz on your face

It's on your cheeks, It's on your lips
It's in your goddamn eyes
Yeah I'm the god of sex!
I am the fuckin’ prize!

Yeah that's how I do
That is how it's done
It's all about me bitch
I don't care if you've not cum

‘Cos I’m a selfish lover
It is I who makes you whole
And for 25 bucks off eBay
You’re a pretty good blow up doll