Miss Jewel

I was with some older women
during my teenage years
If you want to hear about one
then do lend me your ears

Back when I was in high school
there was this hot maths teacher
Her name was Miss Jewel
she was a sexy creature

She wore these tight, white shirts
that you could see her black bra though,
Really short mini skirts
and a six inch high heel shoe

This one time in the classroom
we were working on a silent exercise
I looked over at her and “BOOM!”
She was staring me in the eyes

She licked her pouted mouth
like she was a dancer of burlesque
My male gaze swept down south
to her hands under her desk

My mind was doing back flips
I had to loosen my striped tie
As I watched her rub her fingertips
up and down her inner thigh

“Ding-Ding-Ding” the school bell chimed
She said “Okay class dismissed...
except Rex, can you please stay behind?”
“Okay Miss” I said “If you insist”

The other boys left laughing at me
‘cos I had to stay back after class
But what I saw that day, they didn’t see
So they could all kiss my arse

Once they’d gone she locked the door
and they pissed off down the hall
Then she moaned out like an aching whore
and pushed herself up against the wall

Bending at the waist her skirt bust a seam
showing off her round, ripe booty
My teenage dick was letting off steam
like a red-hot sweet patootie!

Her legs were nylon pantyhoed
I pulled them all the way down
She spread her cheeks so that they showed
her winking eye of brown

I unbuckled my leather belt
I dropped my pants and jocks
Like a big man is how I felt
Miss Jewel was a fuckin' fox

I rammed my cock deep inside
giving her tight hole a plow
As I stretched her anus open wide
she yelped “Ow, Ow, Ow!”

I owned her plump posterior
with my throbbing Percy
Showing her interior
not one ounce of mercy

I thrusted in and out with great force
tearing that arse hole up
I rode her like a racehorse
at the famous Melbourne Cup

Now it was time for me to school her
So I grabbed a fist of her blonde hair
Then with her wooden ruler
I smacked her derrière

I used it like a riding crop
She rocked her body faster
She cried out “Oh yes, don’t stop
Don’t stop fucking me master!”

I drilled her deep like a miner in the ground
I pounded her at a quickening pace
Then as I’s about to cum, I spun her ‘round
and shot spunk all over her face

“Now suck my dick!” I did command
“n’ taste your own filthy shit”
So she took my shaft in one hand
and wrapped her red lips around it

I pushed her head hard right down
“Yeah suck that dick” I muttered
“You like the taste of your own brown”
She gagged. She drooled. She spluttered

I pulled it out. She smiled up at me
from down there on her dirty knees
She wiped her eyes so that she could see
And said “That’s what I get for bein' a flirty tease”

And as the thick lashings of glistening cum
dripped off her chin onto her chest
I pulled my pants up n’ said “I gotta run”
She said “you’re getting an ‘A’ on your next maths test!”