No pro fanny tease

(No profanities)

There once was a rude limerick
Who wanted to take the mick
So just like Duchamp
He entered the comp
As if to say “Suck my fat ..........

Dick liked to fish, trap and hunt
On the ponies he enjoyed a punt
But there was nothing more
That he did adore
Than the feeling of a warm, wet........

Country music rarely has brass
But you’ll hear fiddle and guitars
If you feel root’n toot’n
Then go out boot scootin’
Just watch ya don't get kicked in the…....

Arsonists in the cockpit
Were not able to outwit
The air marshal in a dress
Disguised as an air hostess
Now they're in a whole world of.........

Shiitake shrooms with lemon duck
Some feathers they forgot to pluck
On my chair I fell back
As it went “QUACK! QUACK!!”
"It’s still alive! What the .............

Focaccia's a flat Italian bread
I bake my own in my back shed
I just simply love it
And eat so much of it
I guess you could call me a foc head!