Sex in Public

Having sex in public places
is a mighty fine thing to do
There are just so many spaces
Where you can go and screw

So gather 'round everyone
Let me give you the low down
‘bout just how you can get it on
When you’re out in town

If you’re new to this hobby
I’d recommend you dive right in
Just go to a hotel lobby
they’re a pretty good place to begin

Then pop in the handicapped shitter
I really think it’ll suit ya
It's a great place to show the babysitter
all the moves of the kama sutra

The next place on the menu
is a local library aisle
It is the ideal venue
for a bit of doggy style

It’s a swell place to get some
of the love that you’ve been needing
And after you have cum
you can catch up on some reading

Another place to bump and grind
is at the city zoo
That is if you don't mind
the smell of elephant poo

Just be careful where you go
and please take it from me
'Cos if you don't watch your arse there bro
You'll get jacked by a chimpanzee

A classic public spot
to get off one's rocks
That you might want to give a shot
is a church confessional box

Just slip in there and get nude
Then do whatever you pleases
Hopefully it doesn't ruin the mood
To get perved on by Jesus

Some like to get their end in
on top of a moving train
They like the shot of adrenaline
that goes straight to the brain

There once was a dignified gent
who spied a sexy train conductor
So up to the roof they went
And there of course he fucked her

The other male passengers went up to watch
they were a horny, drooling hoard
And after the gent had finished with her crotch
She cried out “All aboard!”

They filled her holes with rock hard snakes
jizz was squirting everywhere
But when the driver slammed on the brakes
They went flying naked through the air

So there you have it girls and blokes
your intro to public sex;
The favourite pastime of the noblest of folks
just like your boy Rex!