The bush is shady, and so are we;
As we climb up this tall gumnut tree,
There’s plenty of branches for our feet
Looking up your skirt I’m thinking “sweet”
When we reach a solid, lofty limb
We strip down to our naked skin

Laying on the smooth canopy bark
We make hot love in the national park
The aroma of eucalyptus swirls around
As the breeze in the leaves makes a rustling sound
I spot a grumpy koala looking at me
As if to say “Get the fuck outta my tree”

Can you believe this guy? What bloody nerve
Were trying to fuck and he’s havin’ a perve
As I’m doing you doggy style in the butt
I pick off a decent sized gumnut
Then piff it at the koala's head
But it bounces back at me instead

It hits me hard in my left ball
I lose my balance and start to fall
To stable myself I try to grab your leg
“Please lord Jesus save us!” I beg

Plummeting down as one we kiss
And as we land we are showered

In koala piss