The Great Dictators

Did you know that Josef Stalin loved to dress as Judy Garland
And prance about his mansion in a frock
He’d sing the Trolley Song wearing nothing but a thong
Which strangely had no outline of a cock

President Pol Pot would like to take a shot
of morphine to help him to relax
He took so much one day while out playing croquet
that he accidentally soiled his under dacks

Benito Mussolini liked to wear a pink bikini
Then force his army generals to watch him flex
He’d say “Check me out guys” as they rolled their eyes
He’d even make them call his man-boobs pecs

Adolf Hitler was fond of his french tickler
Which he’d pop up his bum any chance he had
He’d work it with a pen though every now and then
It would get stuck up there which made him very mad

Robert Mugabe was playing with his Barbie
'cos that’s how he liked to spend his afternoons
In his Spongebob pyjamas, he'd make his dollies act out dramas
Then eat pop tarts and watch hentai cartoons

Saddam Hussein had a problem with his brain
a distinct deficiency of any smarts
He never really knew the right time to take a poo
So he’d shit his pants when ever he did farts

Kim Jong-il was a master of the skill
of performing fellatio on his own willy
And when he was in the mood for the taste of spicy food
He would sprinkle on his cock hot flakes of chilli

Muammar al-Gaddafi liked to eat grape taffy
so much so that he got hooked on it
When it clogged up his bowel everybody heard him howl
“Oh Please dear lord, let me do a shit!”

Chairman Mao Zedong tried to make his dick grow long
by tying a mini anvil to his peen
He kept it well concealed ‘till he stepped in a magnetic field
You've never heard such a high pitched scream!!