The Sexbots are Coming!

The sexbots are on their way
They will be here any day
Ladies, you will soon be obsolete.
'Cos they have been designed
With the adult male in mind
From their pretty heads to their little feet.

I mean, when they first come out
There will be some bugs no doubt
But these will be weeded in due course.
Then they'll look and behave real
In every way a man’s ideal
And they'll never file for divorce.

They will do just as they're told,
Never get hagged or old
And always be in pleasant mood.
They'll never try to wreck our fun
Or want us to visit their mum
Their life passion will be to make our favourite food.

They’ll never bitch or whine or nag
Or waste cash on a handbag
And they won't care what their stupid girlfriends think.
They won't ever have a sook
If at hot chicks arses we look
Or care when we leave dirty plates in the sink.

They’ll never argue or complain
Or clog up the shower drain
With a giant, nasty clump of their long hair.
They’ll never start a silly fight
If their man's out drinking all night
In fact, they will not even care.

They'll think their man's the coolest bloke,
Laugh at his every witty joke
And never tell him that he eats too much red meat.
They'll never act like they're the boss
Or get moany, mad, or cross
When their hard working man leaves up the toilet seat.

But in between the sheets
Is where the road and rubber meets
'Cos the sexbots will be tailored to each guy.
They’ll never act like a cold fish,
Will take all that we can dish
And never bruise or bleed or sue or die.

They will speak in sexy voices
And not make gross fart noises
When a dick gets driven up their snatch.
They’ll beg their man for his hot cum
And when he lays it on her tongue
She will swallow it when she’s told “Down the hatch”.

They’ll do a threesome or a foursome
Which men will think is awesome
No more pretending to not want other chicks.
We’ll just lay right back in bed
Fluffy pillow 'neath our head
While they cover our balls with little lady licks.

They’ll encourage their big man
To get as many girls as he can
A variety of other models; A myriad.
Another cool thing 'bout sexbots
Is they never act like thots
Nor are they ever on their period.

The sexbots are on their way
They will be here any day
Ladies, I hope you don't feel too frustrated.
'Cos you know they've been designed
With the adult male in mind
Meaning your arses will soon be antiquated!