What The Fuck Cupid?

What the fuck Cupid
Are you bloody stupid?
Why’d you have to shoot her in the arse?
Thanks to your arrows
I’m now at the gallows
And this day may be my last

For you did awaken
The heart of a maiden;
The King's fare daughter Fleur
But he hates my guts,
Thinks that I’m nuts
And would kill me if I touched her

But last night as I slept
Through my window she leapt
And crept into my chamber bed
As I woke from my slumber
She was doing a number
On me using only her head

She said she wouldn't tell
But after your spell
Broke, she regretted what she’d done
She must’ve told her dad
‘Cos this morning I had
Two guards say “Y’comin’ with us son”

I said that I’d elope
But the King thought a rope
Around my neck would be a much better suit
So what the fuck Cupid
Are you bloody stupid?
You should’ve just shot a prostitute!